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Easter Walk Through

On Palm Sunday and over the Easter weekend (until the end of Easter Monday) there will be a Holy Week display in church, which you can walk round to look at after services on those days. 

Please read the notes on the wall by table 1, at the start of the walk, which will guide you round.  Please take care, especially when visiting the part of the display which is in the Lady chapel, as there is not much space in there and there are some steps which can trip you up, notably towards the door leading out at the top towards table 11.  There are lamps either side of the altar in the chapel which can be switched on at the wall on the right hand side of the altar, to make both reading and moving about easier.   


This Easter Walkthrough experience has been set up in response to a request from staff at St. John’s School, who will be taking groups of children round it during the last two weeks of term.  We are grateful to members of the Mothers’ Union who have set up the 11 stations, to Wendy Doye for producing excellent scripts and explanations for each display, to Liz Samuel for making the Good Friday “green hill” and to Christian Drama Resource Centre for their loan of props.      


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