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APCM 2024

On Sunday evening we held our APCM in the Church, thank you to those of you who joined us.

Ministry reports were shared from Ian, Leo, Laurence, Lindsay and Kirsty. We conducted the annual formalities of the electoral roll report, finance report, vestry meeting and the election of the new PCC.

Our PCC members are left to right:

Steve Bacon (Church Warden), Paul Bickford, Marie Thornton, Terry Owen (Deanery Synod), Eddie Lindenberg (Treasurer), Mel Grant, John Alligan, Rob Smith, Ian Farley and Veronica Turner (Church Warden). Not pictured Bob Way.

Eddie has joined the PCC as Treasurer, taking over from David Gascoigne who has given St John's many years of service in that role, for which we offer our grateful thanks.

We finished our meeting in a circle of prayer as a church family, with thanks for the last year and hope for the the one to come.


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