Thursday Night Worship

Thursday Night Worship 

Celtic Prayer

For about 45 minutes, to follow the liturgy of Compline, a gentle way of rounding off the day.  The words and prayers said together are published in a book of Celtic Daily Prayer, used by the Northumbria Community on Lindisfarne Island.  There are several Bible readings, a shared a time of quiet prayer together for other people/silence is enjoyed as an opportunity to reflect, before finishing with a short piece of quiet music.  People leave feeling both calm and restored, ready for the week ahead. For more information please ring Sue Dowler on 020 8504 6228


Quiet Time

For about 45 minutes. A time for relaxation and reflection, with gentle instrumental background music in candle light. A leader led time of scripture readings, reflections and prayer. For more information please contact Angie Blanche on 07863 854013


Prayer Ministry Team

The first Thursday of each month is a chance for us to minister in prayer to one another, to intercede for others and to pray corporately for wider needs.For about 1.5hours. A short time of worship, leader reflection and a scripture reading. Followed by an opportunity to pray for each other

All those who love the Lord are welcome. For more information please contact Linda Alligan