Mission Links

At St John’s we believe that Jesus is good news for all people, everywhere. We are concerned particularly to support those working overseas to bring the good news to others. We support four projects financially and prayerfully.

1. Zimbabwe. This link is with New Growth Ministries and the MacKenzie family, who bought a rundown farm in Zimbabwe. As land and property began to be taken away from farmers, food dried up and the MacKenzies began supporting local people and children.
They are now responsible for running a social welfare and feeding programme. Over 200 families, some with no adults remaining alive, receive maize, clothing, blankets, school fees, uniforms and many other items of support at monthly distributions. They also run an orphanage for 24 children.

2. LIV Village. http://www.liv-village.com/

3. Mill Grove.  http://www.millgrove.org.uk/

4. IJM.  https://www.ijm.org/