Easter at St Johns

Holy Week

Monday 26th , Tuesday 27th, and Wednesday 28th March

St John’s will be open between 8pm and 9pm. There will be interactive prayer stations set up, which are an opportunity to sit, reflect, pray and give yourself some space– these are also child friendly.  Each evening will have a different style of music :-

Monday—quiet, reflective, background music,

Tuesday—loud, modern, worshipful music,

Wednesday—there will be silence.

Why not carve out some space to reflect as we approach Easter? All are very welcome.


Maundy Thursday 29th March

Maundy Thursday Communion Service at 8pm


Good Friday 30th March

The same prayer stations will be available. However, different times of the day will have a different style of music:

7.00am– 8.00 am silence,

12.00-3.00pm quiet, reflective, background music,

8.00pm -9.00pm loud, modern, worshipful music.


Easter Sunday 1st April

Services at 8:45am Communion, 10:45am (with Sunday groups) with Family Communion and 7pm Prayer. Come and join the celebration!