Christmas 2018

When the wise men came from the East to Jerusalem, led by the star, they asked King Herod where the baby was because, we read

‘we have come to worship him’ (Matthew’s Gospel, chapter 2, verse 2)

I wonder what you have come to do this Christmas.  There are lots of things to focus our attention.  For many people the focus is, like the Wise Men, travelling.  Travelling to sons and daughters, grandchildren, parents.  It is time for the family to gather together.  It may be joyous.  It may be bickering.  It may be relaxing.  It may be stressful.

For many the focus is on festivities.  Special food. Special drink.  Lots of chocolate, nuts, fruits, vegetables, spices.  And more of everything.  I am sure that the Wise Men, fabulous visitors from far countries would have been royally entertained by the King and his courtiers.  Food would be lavish.  Wine would flow.

For many the focus is on presents.  Shopping.  Buying and spending.  Hunting for, looking for, searching for gifts we want to give.  Some will be dutiful, some will be spontaneous.  Some will be miserly.  Some will be generous.  Gifts galore will be given.  The Wise Men, of course as you know, had already got their gifts.  And precious and special they were.

Travelling.  Festivities.  Presents. These will mark your Christmas.  As they marked the Wise Men’s.

But their focus was something else.

What about you?

‘We have come to worship him.’