What We Believe

We are a church open to anybody, and all are welcome because we believe that we are people who think, say and do wrong things. The good news is that we can be changed by the love of God.

We believe that Jesus is the Son of God, that his death on the cross reconciles us with God, and that the presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives can transform us. This transformation is called the Christian life and we believe it’s the best life there is, both now and after death. We want others to know this too, as we believe God’s invitation to new life is for everyone.

We find all this explained in the Bible, which we love to read and believe is different to any other book. It teaches us, and guides us each day.

As a community of Christians we like to spend time together in worship, prayer, fun and friendship. This is called the ‘church’. And we love it.

But don’t just take our word for it, here’s what others have said about why they come to St John’s….

I enjoy St John’s because of the fellowship of the church family, the Sunday evening service and my bible study group. It is our home, we feel safe, comfortable and loved here.’   Angie

 ‘Being part of St John’s is encouraging and up-lifting. I feel loved and part of a family.’   Jon

 ‘Being part of St John’s for the past ten or so years has been such a blessing in many different ways – their support through some very difficult and challenging times; encouraging and supportive in the oversees mission work I am involved in, as well as outreach ministries within the community, and the good Bible teaching we receive within services and home groups – to name but a few.’   Pauline

 ‘The aspect of St John’s that I most appreciate, apart from the church services, is the teaching of the Bible. Both the Old and New Testament are brought to life by relating them to the challenges faced in today’s society and how this fits with our own church family’.   Sue

 ‘I come to St John’s because it’s warm, friendly, safe and there is great teaching. People are ready to help you and are interested in you.’   Zoe